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Saw this Loki T-shirt on Redbubble. Love it!

I have my fave Loki T-shirts all collected here:

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Rose Leslie Sex Scene

Woot!! I’m a big fan of redheads, especially smart, sassy redheads, and so I became big fan of Rose Leslie as Ygritte in Game of Thrones. And we got a huge treat as the beautiful Leslie Rose stripped down for some hot spring action. Remember you can always watch Game of Thrones on
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Vera Farmiga / The Vintner’s Luck 2009 Newzealand

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Lauren Cohan Nude Scene

Fans of Maggie from the Walking Dead might be a bit shocked to find out that actress Lauren Cohan did a nude scene in 2007’s Van Wilder: Rise of Taj. It’s a quick scene but she’s just as hot in it as she is in the show. AMC doesn’t do full on nudity (sideboob only, despite having no gore limits!). Enjoy!
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whos that girl on the wallpaper
Anonymous asked

That’s Faye Reagan. Google her and you’ll be in love forever…

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Olivia Munn Nude Scene in Magic Mike

Oh how I’ve waited for this day. Sexy nerdy Olivia Munn has a topless scene in Magic Mike. I bet you didn’t see that coming! What a way to hide your first nude scene: in a film that 90% of guys refuse to go see. You can actually rent “The Babymakers” on Amazon Instant Video right now. She has some sexy bikini scenes in that one, although my sources haven’t told me whether she has a nude scene or not. Click here to instantly watch The Babymakers (Theatrical Rental) on  !i
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Emma Stone Covered Topless Scene on Medium

This is one heck of a find: Emma Stone is topless (but covering her boobs) on the NBC TV show “Medium”. The episode aired in 2005, when Emma Stone was 17 years old. This means that, if she weren’t covering her boobs, we’d all be in jail right now. She’s beautiful at any age. When she’s fifty she’ll still be super-hot…redheads are like that.

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Kristen Stewart Nude Scene in “On the Road”

I’ve never been a fan of Twilight, but after seeing these clips I’m willing to give Kristen Stewart a clean slate. She gives a charismatic and fearless performance where she seems to ooze sexuality through her confidence.

The nude scene starts at the 2:00 minute mark, however there’s also a sexy dance scene at the beginning that you may want to check out.

"On the Road" is not available yet, but Kristen Stewart does have a lesbian scene with Dakota Fanning in "The Runaways", which you can click here to watch instantly on

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Laura Prepon Topless Nude Scene from “Lay the Favorite”

Laura Prepon’s large breasts teased me mercilessly throughout the entire “That 70’s Show” run. Here she does her first nude scene for the upcoming “Lay the Favorite”. The plot revolves around a woman Iplayed by Rebecca Hall) who becomes enamored with a group of geeky older man (played by Bruce Willis and Vince Vaughn) who have developed a system to profit from Vegas’ sportsbook system.

I don’t care about the plot though: look at Laura Prepon’s Breasts as she suns herself. Awesome!!

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Ali Cobrin Nude Scene from American Reunion

First off, sorry about the quality. And the Russian dialogue. But Ali Cobrin’s AMAZING rack makes up for all of it. Here she plays a sexy nymphette temptress to the married Jason Biggs. And man, oh man, I don’t know how anyone could ever resist this. Click here to buy the Bluray for American Reunion on (29% off)
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Valérie Maës Nude Sex Scene in “Sexual Chronicles of a French Family

There is A LOT of explicit sex and nudity in this charming drama about different members of a French family as they go on their separate journeys of self-discovery through their sexual respective sexual relationships.

Click here to instantly watchSexual Chronicles of a French Family on
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Martina Garcia and Clara Lago Nude Sex Scenes from “The Hidden Face”

This is a fun, twisty, and erotic thriller from Spain (the movie is subtitled though). A spanish orchestra conductor’s girlfriend is extremely jealous and decides to test his love by locking herself in a secret room to watch her. She accidentally(?)traps herself in, leading him to think she left him. What happens after that, I can’t spoil, but it’s a compelling ride. Definitely worth the time (and beautiful Spanish actresses don’t hurt either!). Click here to instantly watch The Hidden Face (subtitled) on Amazon Instant Video
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Alexis Knapp Nude Sex Scene from Project X

Project X promises the greatest party on the planet and does not disappoint on the best part of any party: the nakedness! The beautiful 21 year old Alexis Knapp does her first nude scene playing the girl that our heroes throw the party to impress in the first place. Judging by this scene, I’d say it worked! Click here to pre-order your copy of Project X on
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Ringer (S01E21) Lesbian Kiss (by LordofDenethor)